My First Day With My Best Anatomy Teacher

Come close , Don’t fearIt’s your anatomy class.I’m not dead , I’m your teacher,I’m the best in this campus.Mind the smell , It’s my medsIt’s what keep me going.Give some time , It’ll get better,It’s not so annoying.First day..? , I know ,Not much this time.Soon , we’ll catch pace ,We have mountain to climb.There... Continue Reading →

"Ki hoeche bol" Was what i said,Judging from the emojiless short texts,She sends in her melancholy days(usually)."Kichhu hoi ni" The obvious reply,you cant hide from me but hey! Nice try.My overpossessive mind wont take a no,Replied "bolchis na keno".The diver tried to dive on parched land,Hoping to see water in hardened sand.The chonga kept on... Continue Reading →

Bon Voyage

The storm had to come... It was ubiquitous, the my Majesty Touched its unholy waters We were few but determined, Destination Greenland. The radio with his cranky voice blared, “DANGER!  STORM AHEAD!” The signs were showing up. Pitch black sky with grotesque thunderstorms And then, rainfall As if the heavens were weeping for us, Making... Continue Reading →


  Symbol: thick glasses demure look . Position: first benchers maybe 2nd and never 3rd. State:   always studying hardly doing something else. Boiling point :  below room temperature . Solubility:    sparingly soluble only soluble with boys of higher IQ. A number of isotopes may be present in every class. Chemical properties: Catalytic effect : ... Continue Reading →

Where The mind is…….

Where mind is with fear,head is held down Where knowledge is confusing Where education has been divided into subjects Taught by different eccentric teachers Where questions come from depth of books Where tireless striving can only reach up to pass marks Where clear stream of equations has lost it's way In front of maths question... Continue Reading →

Democracy & India

This time India is going to have a very large contingent in Olympics. We should look forward for the Shooting events especially, for the blue army would comprise mostly of them. For this, the selection procedure was carried out exclusively in West Bengal, under the aegis of different political organisation. The eve of Panchayat election... Continue Reading →

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